Retirement caricatures

You will be the hit of the party!!!

Give personalized retirement caricatures to that coworker who has been in your team for so long. You can also give it to your retiring dad, mom, grandpa or boss. This customized caricature present will be a hit on their farewell party. You can choose to have them at their long time job or do them playing their new retirement hobbies, sports and activities. They will also love you for this gift. Order now and get a great deal.

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3 Easy steps to order retirement caricatures:

  1. Place your order here.
  2. Send the photos and details to:
  3. Get the Caricature! – a) Digital and ready to print; b) Get it both Digital and printed, delivered at your door.

retirement caricatures

When you order our caricatures from photos you will get:

  • A digitally hand drawn PERSONALIZED caricature gift.
  • FRIENDLY and personal service from start to finish, the old fashioned way.
  • FREE adjustments and changes to meet your needs.
  • UNIQUE original artwork (no templates are used)
  • QUICK turnaround, usually 10 days or less.
  • You may choose the size (usually 11″x14″).
  • GREAT RESEMBLANCE to the photos you provide.

caricature resemblance warranty


Please contact us at You may also check out our FAQ section.

Retirement caricatures are an excellent way to say thank you to that special coworker or boss after living so many experiences. You may not be seeing each other as often after they retire, but they sure will remember you every time they walk by the hanging caricature on their wall. People cherish this kind of details. Give it a try.

Order NOW and get a great deal!